The Chinese administrative government is seeking to move operations to the Tongzhou District just outside of Beijing, which would require full urban redevelopment of the area. This comes with the problem of what should be done to address the lower socioeconomic population who lives inside improvised housing on the existing land.

In order to have the lowest impact on social life and the sense of community, the residents need to stay in the same general location. The only space left after redevelopment is on the river, the community is then built upon the proposed structure of the pedestrian bridge spanning the water flow. The bridge would be funded by the Chinese government as necessary infrastructure towards the master plan while the Hive would be funded partly by the private developers of the existing land and from non-profit organizations.

With inspiration from the habitat of honey bees, the Hive was developed as a sustainable, affordable, and easily constructed multi-family dwelling where the inhabitants would be able to live in a similar way to their improvised village but with much safer conditions provided by better design.

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